• Radiofrequency ablation safe, effective for medically inoperable NSCLC

    Radiofrequency ablation conferred 2-year OS rates comparable to stereotactic body radiotherapy in patients with medically inoperable non–small cell lung cancer, according to study results. Further, radiofrequency ablation appeared safe and did not adversely affect pulmonary function tests, the study also found.

    Stereotactic body radiotherapy or image-guided thermal ablations represent the most common treatment options for patients with lung cancer who refuse surgery, according to study background. However, stereotactic body radiotherapy has been observed to have a deleterious effect on pulmonary function. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is the most common image-guided modality used in the treatment of liver, kidney, lung and bone tumors, and early use of RFA as an outpatient treatment for lung cancer exhibited safety and efficacy in select patients.

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