• Self Pay

    • If you do not have private medical insurance or your policy does not cover the treatment you are having, then you can pay for treatment yourself.

      Getting Referred to a LION Consultant & Medical Information

      Self funding patients do not require a referral letter in order to make an appointment with our LION consultants. However as interventional oncology treatment is highly specialised the LION Consultants need to have all your medical information in order to evaluate your condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment, so it’s important to send all your recent scans and medical reports to LION in advance of your first appointment. In most cases your treating Consultant will do so on your behalf, but if in doubt, you should check with them before attending your first appointment.

      Billing and Payment

      LION charges for the Consultant Professional Fees only. Your Hospital and your Anaesthetist will invoice you separately.

      Professional fees vary according to the type of procedure and take into account the complexity, time and the consultant skill involved in your treatment. The LION secretary will always confirm to you before each treatment or appointment what the fees are, however it is important to remember that these may change on the day of treatment if your procedure turns out to be different from what was planned.

      Payment of your treatment or appointment is due on the day you are receiving it. Our secretaries will advise you of the various methods of payment and give you the bank details should you require them.