• The Leading Interventional Oncology Network (LION) comprises specialist consultants who work closely to provide a comprehensive range of image-guided interventions for cancer.

      All consultants work in prestigious teaching hospitals and are leading experts in their respective fields.

      The consultants meet weekly to discuss cases; given the wide range of interventional expertise, several different techniques may be suitable, all of which can be discussed in our regular clinic in bespoke consulting rooms on Harley Street.

      What is ‘Interventional Oncology’?

      In the UK three disciplines have traditionally managed patients with cancer; surgical oncology, medical oncology and clinical oncology.

      Surgical oncology involves removal of solid tumour deposits under direct vision, either through an open wound, or through several smaller cuts using ‘keyhole’ surgery. Medical oncology is the specialty responsible for the administration of chemotherapy and biological agents. Clinical oncology (or radiation oncology) manages the use of radiotherapy and other forms of ionizing radiation for the treatment of cancer.

      Over the last 10 years, particularly in the United States, a fourth oncology discipline has developed – Interventional Oncology (IO).

      Interventional Oncology uses real-time imaging to guide therapy. This may be for direct tumour treatment, relief of symptoms or for placement of long tubes into vessels that allow delivery of other treatments (such as chemotherapy). Imaging may also be used to obtain small samples of tumour tissue (biopsy).

      Radiologists typically use imaging to guide interventions. However, other clinicians such as anesthetists and some surgeons also use these techniques. Therefore ‘interventional oncology’ includes members of different disciplines who work together to provide a cohesive service.

      Registered company details

      Leading Interventional Oncology Network (LION) is a Limited Company, whose registered address is 7 Lindum Terrace, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN2 5RP. Registered in England & Wales under company number 08246006